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LX Lab's Little Black Book

Welcome to our Little Black Book;

full of sexy, sensual and surreal scenarios you have enjoyed.

Do you love a Dirty Weekend?

Have you had a Rendez-Vous that you can't stop thinking about?

Our candles and their fragrances are a powerful catalyst for bringing back memories and emotions. LX Lab's Little Black Book is our anonymous space for you to share your secrets with us: be naughty, be sassy, be personal and be erotic.

All of these stories are true, and have been sent in by the LX Lab community. Want to share your secrets? Submit your stories to us via the website or message us on our social media accounts.

We will always respect your privacy and all stories shared will be anonymous.

Each month, we will select and share our favourite story shared with our Little Black Book, via the website or our socials, and the author will win an LX Lab candle that matches the mood of their story, as selected by our founder, Laurent.

*Terms and Conditions apply, see here for more details

*Terms and Conditions apply, see here for more details