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Tailored for men, our AM candle collection is built on imagination, fresh Citrus, Vanilla and Clove brightens the day and complements your enivornment in soft grey and punchy red interiors. Their intoxicating scents evoke vivid encounters throughout the fictional journey of our unknown protagonist. Through him you can live vicariously; your wildest fantasies of a Summer Fling, or a sexy Sicilian Kiss. They are all within reach.

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Inspired by a romance-fuelled Italian adventure, Sicilian Kiss features top notes of Vanilla softened by a kiss of Sweet Sicilian Lemon.  Fresh and uplifting, it whisks you away to sun-drenched skin on the Amalfi Coast and the excitement of a last-minute getaway.

Sicilian Kiss
Summer Fling



Escape to a fantasy of sun-kissed skin; ice cubes cooling your lips and the intoxicating scent of heady summer nights. With top notes of fresh Citrus Fruit balanced by warming Rosemary, this pleasure-inducing scent will have you lusting after your Summer Fling or inspiring you to seek out a new one.