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A softer and lighter range that fits into your daytime agenda.Gorgeous, sporty grey glasses and packaging highlighted by a punchy cherry red interior and accents.

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Gazing across the azure sea, you savour a vanilla gelato as the warm breeze brings a sweet yet subtle scent of lemon. Both fragrances combine and curl over your sun kissed skin; your Sicilian adventure has only just begun.

Sicilian Kiss
Summer Fling



Sipping your drink, the ice cubes swirl in the glass.  The atmosphere is open and inviting. Locking eyes with a figure at the bar, the flash of a smile, knowing exactly what it means.  Turning to order another aperitif, the smiling stranger is beside you and a fresh citrusy cologne encircles you.  Returning the smile, the evening is about to get exciting.



Condensation drips down the tiles, the room filled with heated excitement. The mirror reflects abstract flashes of nakedness as the shower stops and you step out.  Taking a thick towel from the rail, you enjoy the soft material and the feeling of steam rising off your clean fragrant skin.  Wiping the mirror, you smile as you’re joined in an embrace, arms wrapping around your waist from behind, beckoning you to step back into the shower once more.

Steamy Shower
Men in Suits



Coming straight from the office to spend the evening together, a tie is slowly undone and a collar is loosened.  Shirt buttons are opened, exposing bare skin.  You lean forward, a thick aroma of aftershave has blended perfectly with natural scent.  Breathing deep, you allow it to envelop you completely.  It is intoxicating.