Expertly designed to support and flatter, our socks come in the signature LX colours strategically placed to offer a flash of something extra and unexpected.

Featuring extra towelling on the toes and heel, stitch highlighting on the calf, to ribbed arches, ankles and calf. The perfect complement to your LX collection.

The LX Sporty Ones

Designed with the signature Grey and Red colours of the AM collection, these thick cotton socks give you warmth, comfort and support all in one.  Featuring super soft towelling in the heel and toe and ribbing across the arch and ankle, you'll be feeling fresh and supported whatever your day brings

The Red-X Sporty Ones

Show off during your workout with a strong X keenly located the back of your ankle to give a flash of the unexpected.

Support your feet with Red-X socks, thick cotton with extra towelling at the heel and toe to soften your pressure points and with extra ribbing on the arch and ankle to really take care of yourself.  Found in the signature Grey and Red colours of the AM collection, you'll be wrapped up and ready to go!

The Triple-Stitch Ones

Add some sensuality to your socks with LX!  Featuring a sexy triple stitch running up the back of the leg from the punchy red heel.  These soft cotton socks are perfect for comfort and class, the mottled grey and highlights of red have been specifically designed to be paired with anything