After a very Steamy Shower with M, I eventually leave his room to make my way to work

I’m at work, doing my shift at a London restaurant, on a really busy night. As I come out of my section to get some drinks at the bar, I catch the eye of this gorgeously Swedish looking man sitting at table 22.

10 minutes later, my waitress friend, serving him and his friends at the time, came to find me saying that M. was wondering if I was single. “Of course, I am!”, I replied. He was on a work trip in London.

I must have done 20 trips to the bar that night, just to walk in front of his table and catch a glimpse of his blue eyes and cheeky smile.

The night carries on until he disappears… to the bar downstairs, without me noticing. That was it, my hopes of Swedish Prince charming swooping me away had already vanished, until, at the end of the service, I saw him again by the staircase, looking into the darkness of the dimmed lighting of the restaurant, looking for me. It turned out my waitress friend knew some of the guys M was with. They proposed me to go for a drink, but not being a great fan of the MET BAR at the time, I declined. M then said: “I’ll have a drink with you, anywhere else if you want”.

It probably took me 2 minutes on the clock to get changed and ready to mingle.

As we step out of the place and walk down Regent Street at night, without a word, he suddenly turns around, grabs my arms and my neck and passionately kisses me in the middle of the street and the crowds, under the glittering lights. One of those moments you see in a film, he took control of the situation and I didn’t have any objections. Needless to say, we forgot about the drinks to end up tangled in white crispy sheets in the middle of his suite at a luxurious London hotel.

The next morning, after a very Steamy Shower with M, I eventually leave his room to make my way to work.

Have you ever seen Madonna at the end of Justify my love video? When she totters down the corridors of the hotel. Well, it was me, as the doors of the lift opened and I stepped out to stumble across the men in suits in the lobby before heading out!

G. L., Liverpool

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